Roger Miller

Moving slowly, silent mourning
Moving slowly, silent parade.

Marching down the canyon
Into the depths below
Come the casket bearers
Little do they know.
I see, I know.
I see, I know.

Shouting to the people
Who carry it to the grave
Far off in the distance
Comes the Tidal Wave.
I see, I know.
I see, I know.

Roger Miller

I came along in a world filled with light.
I perceived everything in a strange way.
Then I walked further on.

Counting pictures drawn upon a frozen window.
Heading for the sun: Heading for the sun.

Some day you will find a smile in the New Air.

Roger Miller

Alone on the path a noise that you hear
Don't stray to near, don't stray to near.
Where is the fence?  What is that sound?
Don't hang around.  Don't hang around.

Physical relationship spoken through the brain
Vision of a magic light covering the plane
Spatial Time and Timeless Space reflected through the sky
Give this message to the guard and he will let you by!

And he will let you by!
And he will let you by!
And he will let you by!

"Everything might be real."

And you on the path
A voice that you hear
Nothing to fear:
Come over here.